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7. Extensions: Send Professional Emails
Students can submit work

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Try the extensions below.

Choose an Extension
Create an Email Signature
Create an email signature that includes your name, job title, contact information, and anything else you’d like to include.
Create an Automated Reply
Create an automatic, out-of-office message for your emails.
Create Labels or Folders for Specific Projects
Create labels for your emails to categorize them for specific projects or tasks, a way to organize your inbox and make it more useful.
Schedule a Meeting in Google Calendar
Use Google Calendar to schedule a meeting to discuss an issue that is too sensitive or complicated for email.
Attach a Document to Your Email
Practice opening documents saved to Drive and to your computer and attaching them to your emails.
Save Emails to Read Later
Mark emails in your inbox as unread, then snooze the emails for later.
Create a Template Email or Canned Response
Use the canned responses function in Gmail to create a template email for messages you write and send frequently in the workplace.
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Choose an extension to continue learning new digital and communication skills for the workplace.
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Students can submit their work on this page. View their submitted work on the student progress page of My Classes.

Students can submit their work on this page.

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