2. Publish

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Congratulations on writing a terrific paper.

Now it’s time to share all of your hard work with others.

You can share your document in a variety of ways.

To get started, open your document from Google Drive.

Look over your work again to catch any errors.

Read your paper again from start to finish, or scan it for any mistakes you may have missed.

Resolve any outstanding comments in the document.

To print your document, click File...

...and Print.

Choose your print settings.

You can download and save your document in many different forms.

For example, PDF, or portable document format files, ensure that your paper looks the same no matter what device or operating system your reader uses.

You can upload a PDF to a website, or attach it to an email.

Share your Google document with people you know.

Instead of sharing with specific email addresses, get a shareable link.

Change the settings to Anyone with the link can view so that others can see your document but they can’t edit it.

Copy this link and paste it into an email to send to friends and family members.

You can also create a webpage from your document.

The webpage has a unique URL that you can share with others.

Before publishing anything online, check your paper for personal information that you don’t want strangers to see, like your name or your teacher’s name.

When you are sure that you don’t have any personal information in your document, click File...

...andPublish to web.

Link provides a URL that you can email or share on social media.

Anyone who has the link will be able to view your document on this webpage.

You might want to include this link in a portfolio of projects, or as a writing sample for a job application.

Or get code that allows you to embed your paper on an existing website.

Housing your work on a web page allows you to easily share it with others or link it in other documents or webpages.

For example, you could link your document in a portfolio of your work; Or use it as a writing sample for a job application.

Select settings that automatically update the website whenever you change the document in your Drive.

Copy the URL under link.

Then, paste it into a new tab or window to test it out.

There it is.

To take your document off the internet, select Stop publishing.

The webpage will no longer be available.

You’ve worked hard on your paper, so don’t forget to share it with others to collect feedback or show it off.


Share or publish your paper.