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2. Understand Spreadsheet Terms

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Here is an example of a blank spreadsheet.

Spreadsheets contain many rectangles called “cells.”

Cells are organized into rows and columns.

A column is a vertical set of cells and is labeled with a letter.

A row is a horizontal set of cells, labeled with a number.

For example, this cell is called “A1,” because it is in Column A, Row 1.

This cell is B5, or Column B, Row 5.

To edit the contents of a cell, click on it.

A border will appear around the selected cell.

Type and press enter.

Now that you know some basics, check out your Event To Do List.

The To Do list template includes some text and formatting.

For example, the top two rows have been *merged* and say “To Do,” The third row contains the headings for three *columns*: “Check Mark,” “Date,” and “Task.”

Now, it’s your turn: Make sure you’ve opened the “To Do List” template.

Then, move on to the next video to start adding tasks.


  1. Make sure you've opened the "To Do List Template" template.