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6. Plan an Event Wrap Up

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Great job planning your event!

Using tools in G Suite, you’ve created: An event plan; A to-do list spreadsheet; A logo for your event; A flyer; And a website.

You can *apply* the skills you learned in this unit beyond this course.

In most jobs and careers, you’ll manage different projects, just as you did in this unit.

An athletic director is just one position that uses technology to manage lots of people and organize information.

To host even one game, the director manages practice schedules and coordinates venues for games.

They collect information about each athlete and maintain team rosters, forms, and medical reports.

They book travel arrangements and order uniforms, equipment, and other merchandise.

They send emails to advertise events.

And they might also work with a booster club for fundraising.

That’s a lot of projects to manage!

Documents, spreadsheets, image editing programs, and website management software allow you to keep track of and complete many types of projects.

The next time you encounter a big project with lots of steps -- like promoting an artist, holding a fundraiser, or organizing an event -- you can use technology to make your job easier and ensure a more successful outcome!


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