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In addition to events and reminders, you can also use Calendar to schedule specific tasks.

In this extension, you will create tasks in your calendar.

School kids might have tasks of reading a chapter in a novel or writing a paper.

Adults might need to schedule time for preparing for a job interview, studying for a training course exam, or doing their taxes.

To begin, create a task for something you need to prepare for or complete.

This extension will demonstrate preparing for a job interview, so if you don’t have a particular task in mind, feel free to practice with this one.

Next, add a title.

Then, decide on a date when you will do your task.

For example, if you are preparing for a job interview, you may want to begin preparing a week ahead of the interview.

If there is a particular time you will do your task, add that in.

Otherwise, click All Day.

Include a description if you’d like, And save your task.

When you finish your task, mark it complete.

Choose an Extension
Create Task in Calendar

Create a task that you need to do in your calendar.

Change Colors in Calendar

Change the color of events in your calendar and color code reminders and tasks.

Add Attachment to Events

Attach a file to an upcoming event.


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