4. Sort and Search Your Address Book

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In this video, you will reorganize your address book using data sorting.

You will also use the find tool to look for specific information within your spreadsheet.

Data sorting allows you to reorganize your address book in alphabetical order.

This gives it an organized and neat appearance and helps you find information much more quickly when you need it.

To begin, select the range of cells that contains all seven columns of your spreadsheet, including each heading.

Next, apply data sorting.

Because your spreadsheet has headings, you can sort by last name, first name, or whatever you like.

For this lesson, you’ll sort by last name.

Next, sort your address book alphabetically. You can sort from A to Z, or Z to A.

Notice that the information in your other columns (First name, Phone Number, Address, Email, Relationship, and Notes)

have also been sorted to correspond to the new order of last names in the Last Name column.

The spreadsheet automatically arranges all your data so it remains consistent and all of your alphabetized last names still correspond to the correct information in other categories.

You can sort the data in any of your other column heading categories.

For example, if you wanted to mail an invitation to only your friends, you could sort your relationships in alphabetical order.

This will group the entries with “friends” in the “Relationships” category and make them easier to find.

As your address book grows, the find tool in your spreadsheet application can help you find what you need exactly when you need it.

Depending on the type of computer you’re using, use the keyboard shortcut Control F or Command F to open the ‘Find’ tool.

In the box, type what you want to search for.

Sorting rows and using the find tool to locate specific information will save you time and make your address book more efficient to use.

Now, it’s your turn: Sort last names in alphabetical order, And use the find tool to search for specific information in your spreadsheet.


  1. Sort last names in alphabetical order.
  2. Use the find tool to search for specific information in your spreadsheet.