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3. Add Contact Information to Your Address Book

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Now that you’ve set up your spreadsheet with column headers that organize contact details, it’s time to add contact information for people that matter to you.

You will enter this information in the cells of each column.

A cell is a box where you enter a single piece of information.

Each individual cell is identified by a column letter and a row number.

To begin, add the contact information for one person starting in the row below the column headings.

Type notes about the contact, if necessary.

You might find that your columns are too narrow.

To make it easier to see the contact details, widen the columns, if you like.

Now, add contact information for someone else.

If you’re missing one piece of information for someone, like their phone number, you can always add it later.

Continue adding contact details for the rest of the people you would like to add to your address book.

Add at least five or six contacts to your spreadsheet.

When you’re finished adding details for everyone that you want to include, look over your spreadsheet to check for any mistakes and correct them, if necessary.

Now, it’s your turn: Enter contact details for each person you want to add to your address book.


  1. Enter contact details for each person you want to add to your address book.