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6. Use a Clear Presentation to Get Project Support

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In this activity, you created a presentation in Google Slides that updates people on your project’s progress.

Giving a clear and engaging presentation to an audience and supporting it with visually appealing slides can help your audience understand your project.

If you are asking for help, funding, or resources for your project, a strong presentation may encourage people to give you the support you need.

A strong presentation can also help you communicate bad news, such as when a project is off schedule or over budget.

By presenting the problem in an easily understandable way, you may be able to get the help you need to get your project moving again.

At different points during the life of your project, you might be asked to update the project sponsor on milestones reached or money spent.

You might need to have regular progress reports with your project team to make sure work is moving forward, adjust deadlines, and check in on people’s workloads.

You may also give a status report to internal or external clients, to inform them about your project goals and accomplishments and to reassure people that their concerns are being heard and addressed.

A clear progress report captures the important details of your project at a particular moment in time.

That way, you can...

A project presentation is most effective when you have visual tools to support what you are saying.

In this activity, you used Google Slides to build a presentation that reflects your project and organizes a clear report for your audience.

The skills you learned in this activity don’t just work in Google Slides, and they aren’t just for managing projects.

You can now go on to create an informative, visually appealing presentation on any topic using any presentation software.