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4. Change the Look of Your Slides

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By now, you have a strong start to your progress report.

The status report template you used to create this presentation has bold colors.

That might work for some audiences and topics, but you might need a more professional look.

In this video, you will change the appearance of your slides to fit your project and the tone of your presentation.

The formatting options you choose influence how your audience perceives you and your work.

Bright colors and fun fonts might be appropriate for a presentation for a party planner, but they may not work as well for a presentation about a legal problem.

Make formatting decisions that convey the material and subject matter you will present.

To start, click on the title slide for your presentation.

Then, view the master slide.

Changes that you make to the text, colors, and layouts on the master apply to all slides in your presentation.

You can change the background color of the master title slide.

Then, change the style, size, or color of the text.

Change the background, text colors, and styles for other layouts in your presentation, too.

When you return to your slides, the changes you made to the master are in place throughout the presentation.

Or, change the look of individual slides.

Click on a slide in your presentation.

Then change the background color, style, or size of the text.

To change the colors on the schedule slide... on each shape, then choose a color from the color palette.

Some shapes are grouped together.

To change the color of one shape, like the circle, ungroup the shapes, then make the change.

Then, change the style and color of the text.

The skills you learned in this video to format your slides can get your message across more effectively to an audience and affect people’s perception of your work.

In the next video, you will add more visual appeal to your presentation and publish it to the web so a larger audience can see it.


  1. Use the master slide to change colors and text.
  2. Change colors and text on individual slides.
  3. Ungroup objects to vary their look.