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5. Add Visual Interest and Publish to Web

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In this video, you will add an image and transitions to your slides presentation to give it more visual appeal.

First, click on a slide where you would like to add an image.

Then, insert an image.

If you have a photo or other image stored on your computer that goes with your presentation, upload it to the slide.

Or, search the internet for an image.

Choose an image, and click “insert.”

Be sure to choose an image that is free to use.

Click on the image and drag it to a different location on the slide.

Use the handles at the sides and corners of the image to resize.

If the image covers text on your slide, change the layering so the text appears over the image.

To do this, from the “arrange” menu, choose “order” and “send to back.”

To change the transparency or color of the image, use the “format options” menu.

You can make the image lighter so the text shows up more clearly, or change the color to fit the style of your presentation.

Next, add transitions between slides to give your presentation more visual interest.

There are several transitions to choose from, including making slides fade out, slide in from the right or left, flip, and other effects.

Add a transition to one or two slides in your presentation, or apply one to all your slides.

Keep in mind that transitions should fit the tone of your presentation.

Transitions that are too fast or fun may not suit a professional presentation.

Check out your slides in "present" view to see how your presentation all comes together!

To practice presenting, team up with a classmate and present your slides to each other.

Finally, you get to decide how your presentation might best be used.

Besides supporting an oral presentation to an interested audience, you might link to your slides in other project materials, such as a company website or an email.

Publishing your slides allows a bigger audience to view your presentation and learn about your work.

If you place your presentation on your company or personal website, for example, any website visitor can learn about your project and see your project management skills firsthand.

Now, It’s Your Turn: Add an image to a slide in your presentation.

Adjust the image and add transitions.


  1. Add an image.
  2. Adjust the image.
  3. Add transitions.
  4. Publish presentation to the web.