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In the last video, you created a new Google Slides presentation using the status report template.

In this video, you will begin adding text to your progress report.

The slides in the template include places to type in your own headings, subheadings, and text.

To start, fill in the title slide.

To change the title in the template, highlight the text and type.

Give your presentation a title that describes your project.

Then, add your name or the name of your company and a date for the presentation.

The next slide in the template is for a project overview or description.

Here, give your audience a “big picture” view of your project’s deadline, current status, and biggest risk or potential problem.

Change the heading text to accurately fit your project and the presentation audience.

If you completed the project charter earlier in this unit, use information from your charter to fill out this slide.

Copy the deadline from your project charter, and paste it into the appropriate place on the slide.

Then, choose one or two potential problems from your charter, and add them to the slide as well.

Next, add at least two items in the bulleted list under the “Recent Progress” heading.

If you completed the project tracker earlier in this unit, you could use the list of project tasks from that spreadsheet to fill in this section.

Choose two of the tasks from your tracker, and create a progress update for them.

If you did not complete the project charter or tracker, type in your own overview on this slide.

Imagine a deadline, two progress updates, and a risk or potential problem for your project.


You have the start of an informative progress update.

In a couple of slides, you have let your audience know what to expect from your presentation and given them a big-picture view of what is going on with your project.

In the next video, you will add more project details to your presentation.

Now, it’s your turn: Title your presentation.

Include your name and the date.

Add important facts to the second slide of your presentation, such as the deadline and a project overview.


  1. Title your presentation.
  2. Include your name and the date.
  3. Add important facts.