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6. Sharing Your Charter and Getting Feedback

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In this video, you will share your project charter with another person for feedback.

Sharing your charter can help you clarify your project’s purpose, and someone else may be able to identify questions or problems you did not consider.

Partner with another person in your class to digitally share project charters.

You don’t need to sit together, but you do need each other’s email addresses and names.

If you aren’t working in a class with others, share your charter with someone you know who would be willing to give you feedback.

Digital tools like Google Docs and Google Drive are free for anyone to use, so anyone you share your document with will be able to access it through their email.

Once you have a partner, share your project charter.

Write a short, professional message asking your partner to review your charter and provide feedback.

Give them permission to edit the document.

Depending on the type of document you are sharing, you may want to grant only certain people permission to edit.

View only means others can read your document, but they cannot make any comments or edits.

Can comment allows others to comment, but not edit.

These might be a better choice for you if you don’t want others making changes to your document without your approval.

You can manage who has permission to view or edit your document.

Under “People,” enter an email address, and choose whether the person can view or edit.

After you have shared your project charter, check your email account to find the link to your partner’s document.

Leave comments in your partner’s project charter document.

Give them feedback about what works, as well as some suggestions for improvement.

Finally, add your name to the “Approvals” table at the bottom of your partner’s charter as the “reviewer.”

Add your name, role, and date.

After reviewing your partner’s project charter, return to your own charter to see your partner’s comments.

You can reply to comments, and the replies will show up in the document and in your partner’s email.

You and your partner can work together in the document at the same time.

This kind of digital collaboration and sharing has many benefits.

It allows you to quickly and easily share documents and incorporate changes without having to create different versions.

If want to share your document outside of Google Drive, you can download your file to a computer in several different formats.

For example, you could download your project charter as a PDF or a Microsoft Word document, which you could then send out in an email or upload to another location.

Once your project charter is complete, move on to the next video to wrap up this activity.

Now, it’s your turn: Share your charter with a partner.

Comment on your partner’s project charter.

Move on to the next video to wrap up this activity.


  1. Share your project charter.
  2. Comment on your partner's project charter.