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Congratulations! You have begun your first campaign.

To help get the word out about your cause, gain donors for your organization, and recruit volunteers, manage your campaign over time to make sure it is working well for your organization.

Checking your account regularly will help you get more support from your community and help your campaigns be more successful.

After your ads start running, review your search phrases.

If you see search phrases that don't apply to your nonprofit, you can disable those.

If a search phrase is disabled, people using it in their search will not find your organization.

Next, review your location targeting.

If your settings are too broad, you may end up spending your grant on interactions with people who aren’t potential beneficiaries because they are not located in the places your nonprofit serves.

For example, to make your ad appear only to customers that are within thirty miles of your nonprofit, adjust your location targeting.

Next, review your ads regularly to make sure they’re sending the right message.

Check for any incorrect wording or information.

Make sure your ads Include a strong call to action, such as "Visit our website to donate today" or "Volunteer at our event."

This helps your campaign perform better.

It is good to create at least three creatives, or versions, of your ad, to highlight what makes your nonprofit unique and help your business show up in searches.

If your offerings change or you have an upcoming event you'd like to showcase, update your ads to reflect this change.

You can also update your ads to include relevant search phrases.

This will help your ads appear when people search for words related to your nonprofit.

Make sure the events in your campaign are also mentioned on your website.

This ensures that people who click on one of your ads find the information they expect to see when they reach your site.

Update your landing page to make sure your ads are sending people to the right location on your site.

Your landing page is shared across all ads in this campaign.

Adjust the allocation of your Ad Grants budget for your campaigns to help your ads get the right amount of exposure to customers.

You decide how to use the total Ad Grants budget Google has awarded across your various campaigns.

For example, you might want to reevaluate your budgets to make sure they are spread correctly across your campaigns.

A campaign that is important to your goals might get a larger share of your budget.

You can change the budget amounts in individual campaigns to add up to the total budget.

Even if you do not spend your entire Ad Grants budget, you can still be successful!

View the linked resources on this page to learn more about improving your digital marketing strategy.

Now, it’s your turn: Examine your keyword themes and search phrases, Remove irrelevant search phrases, Adjust your location targeting, Update your ads based on business changes, And review your budget and determine how to allocate your grant.


  1. Examine your search phrases.
  2. Remove irrelevant search phrases.
  3. Adjust your location targeting.
  4. Update your ads update based on changes.
  5. Review your budget and determine how to allocate your grant.