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In this video, you will build an ad campaign based on your digital marketing strategy.

You can use the campaign you designed in the previous video to connect with donors, volunteers, and the people you serve.

To begin, navigate to to access the Google Ads platform.

Now, create a new campaign.

Right now, you’re in Smart Mode.

Smart campaigns help you get your ads up running quickly and require little maintenance.

You can always switch to Expert mode later on.

Choose the type of campaign you assigned for your first marketing goal.

Selecting a specific campaign type will help you accomplish this goal.

Now, describe your organization to help your ads reach the right people.

Provide the name of your organization.

And add the U-R-L of your website.

Next, add location targeting to direct this campaign to people in your area.

Location targeting allows people in a certain area to see your ads, And helps you connect with people near where your organization provides services, focusing on reaching people close to you.

People who can easily support your work are more likely to see your ads.

Enter your location to direct your ads to people who might be searching for your work in your area.

Next, add keyword themes to your first campaign.

Keyword themes are closely related to search phrases that people search for on Google.

Search campaigns show ads based on what words and phrases someone types into a Google search engine.

To make sure your ads appear on search results pages, set up your campaign with specific keyword themes.

To increase the number of people who see your ads, create a list of keyword themes.

Ask yourself which word combinations and phrases you would type into the Google search box to find your organization's programs and services.

Then, list similar or related words.

Your keyword themes must contain at least two words, and they should be specific, not overly general.

Record as many words as you can, even if they mean the same thing.

Trying different ways of explaining your work will help your ads appeal to more people.

Choose phrasing that matches how people might search for your services.

For example, you might use specialized terms to describe your work.

But people who don’t work in your field might use simpler or more common terms.

Once your campaign is published, you can evaluate which keyword themes appeal most to viewers.

Search phrases are what people searched for to see your ad.

Now, it’s your turn: Navigate to, Create a new Smart campaign, Add your business name and website, Set your location, And add keyword themes.


  1. Navigate to
  2. Create a new Smart campaign.
  3. Add your business name and website.
  4. Set your location.
  5. Add keyword themes.