8. Launch a Successful Ad Grants Campaign Wrap Up

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In this lesson, you launched an Ad Grants campaign to raise awareness and support for your organization.

Google Ad Grants allows you to create ads that display on a Google Search results page, so people learn about your cause and want to support the important work you do.

To launch your first campaign, you: Activated your accounts with Google for Nonprofits and Ad Grants, Designed a digital marketing strategy, Set up your first ad campaign, Wrote effective ads, Tracked conversions on your website, and Reviewed your account to sustain your campaign.

These skills can help you achieve your digital marketing goals.

In this lesson, you worked with an Ad Grants budget, which provides you with a monthly budget of in-kind advertising.

Once you establish several Ad Grants campaigns, consider investing in paid ads to extend your organization’s impact.

For example, you might use paid ads to create different kinds of marketing materials.

And, maintaining an active digital marketing strategy can help you recruit volunteers, attract donations, and share your work with people all over the globe!

Keep building new campaigns with Ad Grants to reach the people who matter most.

Certificate of Completion

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Certificate of Completion

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