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In this extension, you will use Keyword Planner to improve your digital marketing campaign.

Keyword Planner is a free tool that helps you research keywords for your Search campaigns.

Good keyword phrases help you create successful campaigns!

They can help you reach more donors, volunteers, and members of your community.

You can use this Keyword Planner to: Discover new keyword phrases related to your work, See estimates of the searches they receive, And find out the cost to target them.

To strengthen your keywords, you will: Open Keyword Planner, Enter your current keyword phrases, Examine your results, Select new keywords, And add them to your campaign.

To begin, open Keyword Planner.

And discover new keyword phrases to reach more people.

Enter keyword phrases related to your work.

Now, examine the results to refine your keyword phrases!

See how many times people use your keywords per month.

The more times people use these keyword phrases, the more likely they will be to see your ads!

Keyword Planner also estimates how many other organizations might be using the same keyword phrases.

These organizations might create ads that compete with yours.

It can be useful to use keyword phrases that have low competition.

And, use the top-of-page bid ranges to find out how valuable these keyword phrases are.

A bid range shows the bids you will likely need to set for your ad to be shown at the top of the first page of search results.

Now, consider using the additional keyword phrase ideas to improve your campaign!

Add the keyword phrase ideas that best match your work.

And add them to your campaign!

Improving your keyword phrases will help you reach more people.

Keep using Keyword Planner to expand your influence, reach possible donors and volunteers, and help your community!

Now, it’s your turn: Open Keyword Planner, Enter your current keywords, Examine your results, Select new keywords, And add them to your campaign.

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Improve your digital marketing campaign with Keyword Planner.

Use a Quality Score to Improve Your Ads

Improve your quality score to strengthen your digital marketing campaign.