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2. Lesson: Design a Digital Marketing Plan

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You can create text-based ads on Google Search with an Ad Grants Campaign to connect with people finding answers on Search.

Your organization’s ads will appear right underneath paid ads.

In this video, you will design a marketing strategy that uses the strengths of Google Search Ads.

An effective Search marketing strategy can help you target your ads to the communities, donors, and volunteers you want to reach.

To begin, make a copy of the starter project.

This document will help you manage your marketing choices.

Rename the document so you can refer back to it for all of your long-term marketing strategies.

Now, enter your mission statement.

Or, write a paragraph describing the true purpose of your organization.

You can use your mission statement to shape your ad campaign.

Then, define at least four goals for your organization based on your mission statement.

Next, use these goals to create ad campaigns.

A campaign is a collection of ads that supports one of your organization’s goals.

Different kinds of campaigns work best for different goals.

The goals of smart campaigns are to: Get more calls, Get more website sales or sign-ups, Or get more visits to your physical location.

A sign-ups campaign encourages relevant people to express interest in your work by signing up for a newsletter or providing their contact information.

For example, if you operate a food bank, and you need to find local stores that might donate food, create a sign-ups campaign to prompt local business owners to sign up for a monthly food donation.

Sign-ups campaigns help you recruit volunteers and contributors.

Website sales campaigns drive transactions.

For example, if you want to encourage people to donate money to your cause, build a website sales campaign.

And, visits campaigns encourage people to visit your organization or use your resources.

For example, if you want to reach people who may not have enough access to food, design a visits campaign.

These campaigns increase your organization’s visibility.

Every campaign goal connects to the type of work you do.

Website sales are donations, Sign-ups recruit volunteers or beneficiaries, And Visits encourage people to visit your organization.

Now, decide which type of campaign is best for each of your organization’s goals.

Next, brainstorm one, separate ad campaign to support each specific goal.

State exactly what you want people to do in response to this campaign.

You can use these goals and campaigns to guide your digital marketing strategies in the long term.

Now, it’s your turn: Copy and rename the starter project, Enter your mission statement, Define at least four goals for your organization, Identify campaign types for each goal, And brainstorm a separate ad campaign to support each goal.


  1. Copy and rename the starter project.
  2. Enter your mission statement.
  3. Define at least four goals for your organization.
  4. Identify campaign types for each goal.
  5. Brainstorm a separate ad campaign to support each goal.