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In the previous video, you began your first ad campaign with Google Ad Grants.

In this video, you will write ads to launch a successful campaign!

An ad is a short pitch for your organization.

Effective ads will help you get more support for your cause and increase awareness about your work.

An ad includes: A headline, A website link, And descriptions.

Begin creating ads that lead people to your website.

Write a headline to drive traffic to your website.

A headline helps you communicate with potential donors, volunteers, and the people you serve.

Include headlines that you brainstormed in your marketing strategy.

Then, add new headlines to give users more information about what you do.

State exactly what action you want the user to take.

Include at least one of the keywords that led the user to the ad in the first place.

Connecting your keywords, ad, and web page will help your users engage with your organization.

Next, create descriptions that tell people more about your work.

Draw from your digital marketing strategy to create effective ad descriptions.

When you finish your first ad, write three to five more ads to reach more people!

To complete your first campaign, set a grant budget for it.

A budget is the average money you want to spend on this campaign per day.

Since you have already activated Ad Grants, your budget will be pre-loaded in your account.

You don’t need to request it from Google.

You will never pay out of pocket for Ad Grants campaigns.

You can decide how to use the total budget Google has granted across your various campaigns.

If you run multiple campaigns at once, split your budget between the campaigns.

You can split the budget equally.

Or, you can give a larger budget to campaigns that are more important for your goals.

To simplify your budget, consider choosing the amount recommended for this campaign.

Then, review your campaign settings, And publish it!

Now, it’s your turn: Write headlines, Create descriptions, Write three to five ads for your campaign, Add your organization’s phone number.

Set a budget, And publish your first campaign.


  1. Write headlines.
  2. Create descriptions.
  3. Write 3-5 ads for your campaign.
  4. Add your organization’s phone number.
  5. Set a budget.
  6. Publish your first campaign.