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In the previous video, you designed a digital marketing strategy to guide your Ad Grants campaigns.

In this video, you will build one ad campaign to begin marketing your organization.

To start, select one campaign to develop first.

Choose the campaign that is the most urgent.

Create a name for this campaign so that you can organize the related ads.

Next, create three or four possible headlines for this campaign.

A headline gets people’s attention and explains exactly what you want them to do.

Now, write three or four descriptions that explain what you need from the people who see your ads.

These ads will appear when people enter words and phrases into Google Search.

Brainstorm possible keyword themes that would help them find your ad.

Great work!

You can use this brainstorm to launch your first Ad Grant campaign and connect with people who can help your cause!

Now, it’s your turn: Select one ad campaign, Give it a title, Describe its audience, Create three to four possible headlines, And write three to four descriptions.


  1. Select one ad campaign.
  2. Give it a title.
  3. Describe its audience.
  4. Create 3-4 possible headlines.
  5. Write 3-4 descriptions.