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4. Give Feedback to Your Partner

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In the previous video, you shared a document with your partner asking for feedback.

In this video, you will open the invitation your partner shared with you.

Then, you will use the comment feature in Google Docs to give feedback.

Your feedback will help your partner improve their invitation, so it achieves its purpose and communicates effectively to an audience.

As you give feedback, you will practice your own communication skills by making clear, specific, and respectful comments.

When you give written feedback, it is helpful to keep in mind what you are looking for as you read or view the material.

Click the link on this page to open a checklist of points to keep in mind as you give feedback.

Useful feedback is specific, actionable, and encouraging.

Specific feedback gives details about what needs to be changed.

Actionable feedback offers suggestions to fix the problem.

Encouraging feedback points out positive aspects of their work and recognizes that mistakes are fixable.

As you read through your partner’s invitation, use the checklist to ensure your comments have these qualities.

This will make your feedback useful for your partner, so they can use it to improve their invitation.

To start, open a new tab in your browser.

Then, navigate to your email account.

Locate the email with your partner’s invitation in your inbox.

Carefully read the note your partner wrote to you, so you understand what kind of feedback they are asking for.

Open the document.

Read through the invitation.

If there are visual elements such as images or headings, look at those too.

Highlight a part of the invitation to comment on.

Review your checklist.

It includes sample sentences you can use to guide your feedback comments.

Type one of the sample sentences into a comment in your partner’s invitation, and fill in the blanks.

Or write your own comment that follows the checklist guidelines.

Continue reviewing the invitation, and insert more comments with your feedback.

Use the sample comments in the checklist to help you write your own feedback comments.

As you add comments, keep your language respectful and positive.

Try to comment on the work itself, rather than making a judgement about your partner or their abilities.

If you change your mind about a comment, delete it.

When you finish providing feedback, insert a comment in the document letting your partner know your comments are ready for them to review.

Write a note giving them an overview of their work and your suggestions.

Then, type the “at” symbol and your partner’s email address in the comment.

Your partner will receive an email notification that the document is ready for them to look at.

Now, it’s your turn: Find your partner’s document in your email inbox, and open it, Click the link to open the Feedback Checklist, and review it, Read your partner’s invitation, Use the “comment” function to give feedback, and Insert a comment that includes the “at” symbol and your partner’s email address.


  1. Find your partner’s document in your email inbox, and open it.
  2. Click the link to open the Feedback Checklist, and review it.
  3. Read your partner’s invitation.
  4. Use the “comment” function to give feedback.
  5. Insert comment including @ and partner’s email.