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6. Get Organized in Google Photos Wrap-Up

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In this lesson, you learned about Google Photos and how to use it to organize, search for, edit, and share your photos with others. Using a digital application like Google Photos can help you find your photos more easily than if they are stored in a standard storage system.

In this lesson, you: Uploaded photos from your computer or Google Drive, Downloaded the Google Photos app, Took photos on a mobile device and added them to Google Photos, Searched for photos in different ways, Edited photos to enhance their look, And created and shared a new album.

Using Google Photos automatically backs up your photos to an online server.

This way, you will never lose your photos even if your device is lost or damaged.

The skills you’ve learned in this lesson can also be used for school or work-related projects.

If your job requires you to work with photos or if you need to collect images for a school project, using Google Photos will help you collaborate and stay organized when working with others.

Certificate of Completion

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Certificate of Completion

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