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Sometimes, photos need to be adjusted to make them easier to see or stand out.

In this video, you will edit your photos to add special effects or enhance them in some way to improve their quality.

Editing your photos can help you change them in subtle or obvious ways.

In this video, you will edit three or more photos.

To begin, choose a picture that you’d like to make changes to.

Sometimes, photos need to be rotated if they are facing the wrong direction, Or trimmed to reduce empty space and better focus on a subject in the picture.

Filters can help give your photos an entirely new look and feel And you can adjust the lighting for each filter as well.

If you’re unhappy with any of the changes, you can go back to previous versions of your edits or back to the original photo.

For some photos, basic lighting adjustments might be necessary to make the picture clearer and the colors brighter or more dim.

To compare your changes to the original, click, then hold the image.

If you want to keep the original picture for your records, save a copy of the picture with your changes.

Or overwrite the original if you do not wish to keep it.

Scroll through your photos and apply changes as necessary.

Now, it’s your turn: Choose a picture to edit, Rotate, trim and add filters to a picture, And adjust the lighting.


  1. Choose a picture to edit.
  2. Rotate, trim and add filters.
  3. Adjust the lighting.