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8. G Suite Certification: Sheets - Part 2 Wrap-Up

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In this lesson, you analyzed sales data in a community fundraising spreadsheet to make it more useful for you and your collaborators, to present it to others, and to help you make business decisions based on the data. To do this you: used filters to separate your data and focus on only the information you need, created filter views to see multiple versions of your sheet and share specific views with others, used the SUM and COUNTIF functions to complete calculations with your data, inserted charts to isolate particular data and display it visually, shared and collaborated in your sheet with comments, used version history to see what changes were made when, and downloaded your project as another file type.

The skills you learned in this lesson are useful for other types of spreadsheets, as well. For instance, you might use filters to narrow down task owners in a project tracker, the SUM and COUNTIF functions to make calculations in a budget, charts to demonstrate time spent on a personal project, or sharing and collaborating in a contact sheet for community volunteers.

Keep creating new spreadsheets to master the skills you learned in this lesson.

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Certificate of Completion

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Certificate of Completion

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As a teacher, you can print a blank template.