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In this video, you will open a new Hangout and invite a guest.

To begin, open Google Hangouts.

When you open Hangouts for the first time, allow the use of your camera and microphone for video and audio in the application.

You can connect with others through a video call, phone call, or written messages.

To start a new conversation, search for someone by their name or email address. Or, type in their phone number. Select the person you want to communicate with.

Type in a message and send it.

A chat window will open for your recipient and you can exchange written messages.

This chat window is similar to the chat feature in Gmail.

Now, it’s your turn: Open Google Hangouts, Search by name, email or phone number, and Start a new written conversation.


  1. Open Google Hangouts.
  2. Search by name, email or phone number.
  3. Start a new written conversation.