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In this video, you will launch a Hangout and communicate by video.

Online communication through video gives you a way to talk face-to-face with family, friends, or coworkers. When it is time for your scheduled meeting, open the event in your calendar and join the Hangout.

Once you are in the Hangout, you have access to audio and video options.

Practice turning the microphone on and off.

Then, turn your camera on and off.

If your camera is off, your profile image or a placeholder will appear.

In a large group meeting, turn off your camera when you are not talking to place the focus on the main speaker. In meetings with lots of attendees, mute your microphone when you are not speaking to cut down on background noise, such as coughing or typing.

To invite new people to join your Hangout, forward the link to anyone else you want to include in the conversation.

People may join your Hangout at any time.

Try the chat tool in Hangouts as well.

Chats allow you to share additional information, such as online links, and to ask questions without interrupting the person speaking.

When you are done with the video conversation, exit the meeting.

In the next video, you will use Hangouts to share your screen.

Now, it’s your turn: Launch Hangouts Meet, Join Hangout from event window, and Add guests by email.


  1. Launch Hangouts Meet.
  2. Join Hangouts from event window.
  3. Add guests by email.