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4. Gmail: Reply to Email and Email Forwarding — Use Reply and Forward Options and Add Users in CC and BCC

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In this video, you will use Gmail to reply to an email and send it to multiple recipients.

To respond to an email that someone has sent you, click the reply button.

This creates a conversation.

All of the messages between you and the recipient will be included in the conversation.

Click the reply button to open a draft window underneath the original message.

Now, draft your reply.

Finally, click Send.

Your email will automatically be delivered to the person who sent you the message.

If someone sends you a message that you think another person needs to see, you can forward the message along.

Instead of clicking reply in your email, select the option to forward.

Then, type in the new recipient’s email address.

If they are already in your contacts, the autocomplete option will appear.

Add a message explaining why you’re forwarding the email.

When you’re sending an email message, you can also CC or BCC another recipient.

Both of these options are often used in professional settings.

CC, or carbon copy, means to send a copy of a message to someone else in addition to the person you addressed it to.

You might CC someone who you think needs to be aware of an email thread but who doesn’t need to respond.

And BCC, or blind carbon copy, means to send a copy of the message to someone else without letting the other recipients know.

You might BCC someone who needs to read one email in a thread but doesn’t need to be included in future emails in the conversation.

Or, you might BCC an entire group of people whose information you’d like to keep private.

Click on either the CC or BCC options to open those fields.

Add a new email address.

You may not be the only recipient of an email you received.

If you need to reply to the message, decide if you should reply only to the person who sent the message or to everyone the message was addressed to.

This is called reply all.

Clicking on reply all brings up the draft window again.

Write your reply.

And send it.

Your message will go to everyone who received the original message, including anyone who was CC’d.

Anyone who was BCC’d in the original message will not receive your reply.

Being able to send a message to more than one person at a time is one of the biggest advantages of using gmail.


  1. Reply to an email message.
  2. Forward an email message.
  3. Use the CC address line to carbon copy someone else.
  4. Use the BCC address line to blind carbon copy someone else.
  5. Reply all to an email message.