3. Gmail: Personalize Your Settings — Set Languages, Display Preferences, Vacation Responders, and Desktop Notifications

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In this video, you will personalize the settings of your Gmail account to make it more functional for your personal needs.

To begin, go to Gmail settings.

From this menu, you can customize your account by selecting a different language.

First, select your desired language settings.

Then, set up your preferences for how you would like the display to look.

Decide how many conversations you want to see on one page.

Then, choose your default font...

text size...

and text color for your messages.

There are other preferences you can set too, such as whether to display external images automatically.

You can also turn on Smart Compose, a Gmail feature that offers suggestions as you write an email.

Set up desktop notifications if you’d like to be informed with a pop-up when a new message has arrived.

Or, turn notifications off.

Next, create a signature.

When you set up a signature, it will show up automatically at the bottom of every new message you compose.

Name your signature.

Then, in the signature box, type your name, job title, a link to your website or social media account, or anything else you’d like to include in your emails.

Next, choose the font, size, and style of the text in your signature.

Finally, decide whether you’d like to automatically include your signature in new emails and replies.

Next, set up a vacation responder that will let people know when you are away and not answering your email.

The vacation responder sends an automatic message to anyone who emails you while you’re away.

Customize the responder by adding the days you will be away...

a subject line...

and the message you want those emailing you to receive.

If you set a last day for your responder, it will turn off automatically when that day has passed.

Otherwise, turn off the vacation responder when you get back to the office.

Click on one of the links at the top of the settings page for more personalization options than what is explored in this lesson, like mail forwarding or templates.


  1. Select your language settings.
  2. Set display preferences.
  3. Set desktop notifications.
  4. Add an email signature.
  5. Set a vacation responder.