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3. Drive: Manage Files — Copy, Delete, Upload and Download Files

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In this video, you will manage files in Google Drive, including copying, deleting, downloading, and uploading files.

To begin, go to your recent files in Drive and find the starter project files you copied previously.

Rename each file by removing the words Copy of Applied Digital Skills.

Copying a file is useful when you want to edit it without making changes to the original file.

Open the LLC Shirt Sales Data file and make a copy.

Next, delete the original file that you copied.

Deleting files keeps your Drive from getting cluttered with files you don't need.

You can also download a file from Google Drive to your computer.

This allows you to share the file as an email attachment with someone who is not using G Suite, or edit it in a different application.

Right click on the LLC Fundraiser Info file and download it.

When you download a file, Drive automatically converts it to another file type that is not cloud-based. This allows you to share files with people who use non-cloud-based applications.

For example, Drive converts Google Sheets files to Microsoft Excel and Google Docs files to Microsoft Word when you download them.

To specify a file type for your download, open the file in its G Suite application and choose the file type you’d prefer. Save the LLC Fundraiser Info file as a PDF.

Similarly, to save a file from your computer as a G Suite file, upload it to Google Drive.

Upload the LLC Fundraiser Info Microsoft Word document you previously downloaded to Drive.

To convert the Microsoft Word file to a G Suite file, open it with Google Docs.

Then, delete the Word file.

Now, it’s your turn: Rename files, Make a copy of a file, Delete a file, Download a file to your computer, Upload a file from your computer, And convert the file to a G Suite file.


  1. Rename files.
  2. Make a copy of a file.
  3. Delete a file.
  4. Download a file to your computer.
  5. Upload a file from your computer.
  6. Convert the file to a G Suite file.