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6. Drive: Locate Files — Use Recent, Shared With Me and Search to Find Files

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In this video, you will locate files or folders in Google Drive by using keyword searches and other advanced search tools.

To begin, search for a file or folder in Drive by keyword, such as the name of a project or an event.

Type “fundraiser” into the search bar.

Or, use file type suggestions to filter by file type.

You can also search for other file attributes, such as the file’s name, location, or who created it.

Click the dropdown menu in the search bar and search for a file located in your Drive that has the word “invoice” in its name.

View recent files and files that have been shared with you in the sidebar.

To access your files and folders on any device, such as a mobile phone or tablet, sync your device with Drive by downloading the Backup and Sync App.


  1. Search Drive using keywords.
  2. Use advanced search tools to filter search options.
  3. Search for recent files and files that were shared with you.
  4. Sync your device with Drive by downloading the Backup and Sync app.