5. Docs: Set Paragraph Styles — Use Headings to Create a Table of Contents

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Organizing a document involves many steps.

Each step is important because you want to be able to find what you need quickly.

You may also be sharing your document or even using it to collaborate with others.

Both headings and a table of contents make finding specific details an easier task.

Adjusting text styles allows you to emphasize certain headings and other text.

You can make section titles and headings different from the other text to make them easier to locate.

Choosing different headings from the style menu shows how the blocks of text fit together.

The text is typically larger for titles than for headings.

If there are subheadings under the main headings, you can choose a style with a smaller heading than the main one.

To begin, locate the main title of your document and change its paragraph style to Title.

Continue changing the paragraph styles of the section titles and other key headings in your document.

Choose the styles that best fit each section of your document.

Delete any spaces or additional blank lines that appeared when you changed your styles.

The headings you added help organize your text, but you may also want to see what those headings are and the order they are in.

A table of contents will list each section heading.

Headings are automatically organized, with main headings aligned to the left margin and subheadings indented beneath them.

Add a table of contents on the first page of your document beneath the title.


  1. Add styles to your title and headings.
  2. Add a table of contents.