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Attractions and Souvenirs
Use this video to help budget for things to do and souvenirs to buy on your vacation.
Create a Work Log in Google Sheets
Create a work log in Google Sheets that lists what you do at work during specific periods.
Email to Request a Meeting
Write an email to your supervisor requesting a meeting to discuss a raise.
Watch this video for tips on finding places to eat on your vacation.
Give Feedback on an Oral Presentation
Give and receive in-person feedback on a short speech or oral presentation.
Watch this video for tips on finding a place to stay on your vacation.
Organize Your Document with a Table of Contents
Create a table of contents in Google Docs to organize the different sections of your Asking for a Raise document.
Professionally Format Your Document
Adjust your document’s formatting and the information it includes to make it more formal and professional.
Propose Wording Changes with Suggestion Mode
Use suggesting mode in Google Docs to offer ideas on specific wording changes on a piece of writing.
Request Feedback with a Survey
Ask for feedback from a group of people using a form.
Review Changes Using Version History
Use Version History in Google Docs to review any changes made to your document.
Review of Formulas and Visuals
Watch this video to review how to use formulas and add visuals to your budget spreadsheet.
Set Goals and Track Progress in Google Sheets
Set goals, then use data validation and conditional formatting in Google Sheets to track your progress.
Share Your Document for Feedback
Ask a friend, family member, or classmate for feedback on your Asking for a Raise document.
Watch this video for tips on transportation options for your vacation.
Turn on Notifications for Document Changes
Turn on notifications in Google Drive and Google Docs