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Add Activities to Calendar
Add a new calendar in Google Calendar for your planned seasonal activities.
Add Bullet Points to Your Resume
Add bullet points to your resume to organize the descriptions of your work, volunteer, or other relevant experience.
Add Descriptions to Your Photos
Add descriptions to images in Google Photos.
Add Details Your Customers Care About
Add attributes, including details your customers care about, to your Business Profile on Google.
Add Emojis to Your Family Newsletter
Replace words in your family newsletter with emojis to add an element of fun.
Add Images to Your Family Newsletter
Add images to your family newsletter to support the details you are sharing.
Add Map Directions to Activities Planner
Create mapped directions for an activity using Google Maps and generate a URL link to the directions. Then, paste the URL link in your spreadsheet.
Add a Checklist to Your Address Book Spreadsheet
Add a new column and insert a checklist in your spreadsheet to keep track of different types of correspondence (such as thank you or holiday cards) to people in your address book.
Add a Header and Footer to Your Document
Add headers and footers to include information about your company and the document.
Add a Projected Balance Sheet to Your Financial Plan
Project a balance sheet for your business. Determine what additional resources your business needs to succeed.
Add a Sheet to Organize Additional Contacts
Add a new sheet to your address book to organize additional contact information.
Add a Task List with Checkboxes
In two new columns, add tasks for activities and insert checkboxes. Then, mark off each task as it is completed.
Allow Meeting Guests to Modify a Calendar Event
Give someone permission to modify an event in your calendar.
Ask for Feedback Using Google Forms
Use Google Forms to ask attendees for feedback on your meeting logistics, purpose, and style.
Attach a Document to Your Email
Practice opening documents saved to Drive and to your computer and attaching them to your emails.
Attractions and Souvenirs
Use this video to help budget for things to do and souvenirs to buy on your vacation.
Build Your Brainstorming Team with Google Forms
Use Google Forms to build a diverse team and assign group roles.
Calculate Expense by Category
Students use a spreadsheet formula to calculate the total cost of each of their expense categories.
Calculate Your Monthly Savings Balance
Students use a spreadsheet formula to calculate their monthly balance.
Change the Color of Your Resume Headings
Change the colors in your resume.
Communicate with Customers
Respond to reviews and create posts.
Complete Your Opening Day Balance Sheet
Complete an Opening Day Balance Sheet to estimate your business’s financial positioning when you open.
Complete Your Personal Financial Statement
List financial assets to prepare for loan applications. Prepare financial details to meet with lenders and investors.
Complete a Breakeven Analysis
Determine when your business will break even. Analyze variable and fixed costs.
Conduct a Meeting Using Google Hangouts
Conduct a meeting virtually using Google Hangouts.
Conduct an Icebreaker
Use Google Docs to record ideas from your group brainstorming session.
Create Labels or Folders for Specific Projects
Create labels for your emails to categorize them for specific projects or tasks, a way to organize your inbox and make it more useful.
Create Subfolders in Google Drive
Create a folder within a folder and change sharing settings in Google Drive.
Create a Collage
Create a collage in Google Photos and learn different reasons for making a collage. Then, add a filter to your collage.
Create a Meeting Agenda Using Google Sheets
Create an alternative version of a meeting agenda with Google Sheets.
Create a Template Email or Canned Response
Use the canned responses function in Gmail to create a template email for messages you write and send frequently in the workplace.
Create a Work Log in Google Sheets
Create a work log in Google Sheets that lists what you do at work during specific periods.
Create an Animation
Learn about animations, including how to create one and some ways to use them.
Create an Automated Reply
Create an automatic, out-of-office message for your emails.
Create an Email Signature
Create an email signature that includes your name, job title, contact information, and anything else you’d like to include.
Customize Your Template with a Header and Image
Customize your agenda template with a header or footer and an image.
Decide Which Military Experience to Include
Make decisions about which military experience to include on your resume.
Determine Threats and Opportunities
Complete the SCORE Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats (SWOT) Analysis Worksheet to determine opportunities and threats.
Direct Message Multiple People
Learn how to add multiple people to create a group Chat.
Download Your Business Plan in Another Format
Download your business plan as a .pdf, .doc, or .txt file.
Email to Request a Meeting
Write an email to your supervisor requesting a meeting to discuss a raise.
Estimate Cash Flow for Your Business
Project your business’s first-year cash flow. Use cash flow information to strategize your business.
Watch this video for tips on finding places to eat on your vacation.
Format Document Template
Change the formatting of your resume.
Format Text in Your Business Plan
Format text to emphasize different sections of your business plan.
Give Feedback on an Oral Presentation
Give and receive in-person feedback on a short speech or oral presentation.
Highlight Data with Conditional Formatting
Students use conditional formatting to highlight selected parts of their expense data.
Invite Someone to an In-Progress Video Call
Learn how to invite someone directly to the Hangout and Chat, in case you want to add someone last minute.
Watch this video for tips on finding a place to stay on your vacation.
Make a Copy of Your Resume
Make a copy of your resume to tailor it to multiple jobs you might apply for.
Open Your Resume from Drive
Practice opening your resume from Google Drive so you can complete the final steps of building your resume.
Organize Your Document with a Table of Contents
Create a table of contents in Google Docs to organize the different sections of your Asking for a Raise document.
Present Your Agenda Using Google Slides
Create a more polished, condensed, or presentable version of your meeting agenda.
Professionally Format Your Document
Adjust your document’s formatting and the information it includes to make it more formal and professional.
Proofread and Share Your Business Plan for Feedback
Share your document with another person in order to request and receive feedback on your business plan.
Propose Wording Changes with Suggestion Mode
Use suggesting mode in Google Docs to offer ideas on specific wording changes on a piece of writing.
Put Your Ideas Into Action with a Google Spreadsheet
Use Google Sheets to organize action steps for members of a brainstorming group.
Request Feedback with a Survey
Ask for feedback from a group of people using a form.
Review Changes Using Version History
Use Version History in Google Docs to review any changes made to your document.
Review of Formulas and Visuals
Watch this video to review how to use formulas and add visuals to your budget spreadsheet.
Save Emails to Read Later
Mark emails in your inbox as unread, then snooze the emails for later.
Save Your Business Plan in Another Format
Download your business plan as a .pdf, .doc, or .txt file.
Save Your Resume as a PDF File
Save your resume as a PDF file so it’s ready to send to an employer.
Schedule Meetings Using Google Calendar
Schedule a recurring event in Google Calendar for your meeting, and invite attendees.
Schedule a Meeting in Google Calendar
Use Google Calendar to schedule a meeting to discuss an issue that is too sensitive or complicated for email.
Search for a Job Using Your Military Occupation Code
Use your military occupation code in Google Search to find a job that matches your military experience.
Send a Calendar Invite for Your Meeting
Use Google Calendar to invite others to attend your group brainstorming session.
Set Goals and Track Progress in Google Sheets
Set goals, then use data validation and conditional formatting in Google Sheets to track your progress.
Share Your Address Book Spreadsheet
Share your address book spreadsheet with a family member or friend.
Share Your Business Plan for Feedback
Share your business plan to proofread and get feedback from others.
Share Your Document for Feedback
Ask a friend, family member, or classmate for feedback on your Asking for a Raise document.
Share Your Materials in Advance
Use Google Drive to share and organize ideas from a brainstorming session.
Share Your Resume
Share your resume with a partner.
Sort Your Expense Data
Students use data sorting to reorganize their expenses.
Tailor Your Resume
Tailor your resume to fit the language of a specific job description.
Track More Monthly Expenses by Adding Sheets
Students add a sheet to their spreadsheet to extend their budget from month to month.
Watch this video for tips on transportation options for your vacation.
Turn On and Off a Chat History
Learn how to how turn chat history on and off.
Turn on Notifications for Document Changes
Turn on notifications in Google Drive and Google Docs
Update Your Newsletter with Word Art
Add word art to emphasize words and add to your newsletter’s design.
Update Your Resume to Fit the Job
Use a job description to tailor your resume to fit the job details.
Upload Images to Your Website’s Photo Gallery
Choose and upload pictures for a website’s photo gallery.
Use Checkboxes to Complete Tasks in a Google Spreadsheet
Use Google Sheets to keep track of tasks and goals for your brainstorming group.
Use Data Validation to Create a Drop-Down Menu
Students use data validation to organize their expense categories in a dropdown menu.
Use Suggesting Mode
Use suggestion mode to edit your resume.
Use the Your Business Profile on Google Mobile App
Use the Your Business Profile on Google mobile app.
Work from Home or On-Site with Google Job Search Tools
Use Google Search to search for a job.
Write a Cover Letter
Write a cover letter for a specific job posting.
Write a Summary Statement
Add a summary statement to your resume.
Write a Use of Capital Statement in Your Financial Plan
Explain to lenders and investors how additional funding will benefit your business. Show how you will use a loan or investment to grow your business.
Write an Elevator Pitch and Practice with a Partner
Write an elevator pitch to highlight key talking points for your business and practice talking about your business with investors and customers.