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9. Extensions: Estimate Financing for Your Business Plan
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Complete Your Opening Day Balance Sheet
Complete an Opening Day Balance Sheet to estimate your business’s financial positioning when you open.
Complete Your Personal Financial Statement
List financial assets to prepare for loan applications. Prepare financial details to meet with lenders and investors.
Estimate Cash Flow for Your Business
Project your business’s first-year cash flow. Use cash flow information to strategize your business.
Add a Projected Balance Sheet to Your Financial Plan
Project a balance sheet for your business. Determine what additional resources your business needs to succeed.
Complete a Breakeven Analysis
Determine when your business will break even. Analyze variable and fixed costs.
Write a Use of Capital Statement in Your Financial Plan
Explain to lenders and investors how additional funding will benefit your business. Show how you will use a loan or investment to grow your business.
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Choose one or more of the extensions to continue estimating financing for your business plan.
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