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3. Use Calendar to Schedule a Meeting

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With Google Calendar you can maintain your own schedule, as well as invite others to meetings and events.

In this video, you’ll: Schedule a meeting with others using Google Calendar, Add a link to the meeting agenda, and Create a Google Hangouts link to enable others to join your meeting virtually.

To start, open a new tab in your browser and navigate to the Google homepage.

Then, open Google Calendar.

View by month, so you can easily choose a date for your meeting.

To choose a date, simply click that date on the calendar.

Type in a name for your meeting.

Next, add details.

You can: Change the time and duration of the meeting, Add a location, and Type a description.

You can include a link to the meeting agenda, so meeting attendees can access it from Calendar.

To do this, attach the agenda from Google Drive.

To make it possible for your meeting attendees to join your meeting virtually, add conferencing and select “Hangouts.”

This means people will be able to click on the conferencing link in Google calendar to attend your meeting from their own computer or device.

Invite attendees to the meeting.

They will have the option to accept, decline, or reply “maybe” to the invitation.

Modify additional details, such as setting up a notification for the meeting or specifying when attendees will be emailed about it.

Then, save your calendar event.

Your meeting appears on your calendar.

It will also appear on the calendars of the people you've invited.

To track who plans to attend the meeting, open the event and view the attendee list.

In the next video, you’ll join your meeting virtually, and present the meeting agenda document.

Now, it’s your turn: Open Google Calendar.

Schedule your meeting.

Edit the meeting details, like the time, location, or description.

Attach your agenda.

Add a video call.

Invite meeting attendees.


  1. Open Google Calendar.
  2. Schedule your meeting.
  3. Edit the meeting details, like the time, location, or description.
  4. Attach your agenda.
  5. Add a video call.
  6. Invite meeting attendees.