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4. Facilitate Your Meeting in Google Meet

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Previously, you created a meeting agenda in Google   Docs and scheduled your meeting and  invited attendees in Google Calendar.  In this video, you’ll Join the meeting using Google Meet,  Present your agenda, And type meeting notes in your document.

To start, open a new tab in your  browser, and navigate to Google Calendar.  To join the meeting virtually, click on the event  in Calendar. Then, click the Google Meet link.  When you join Google Meet for the first time,  allow the use of your camera and microphone.  As people join your meeting, you  will see their faces on your screen.   You will hear them speaking, and  they will hear you. By default,   Meet chooses a layout for your meeting based on  which participant is speaking or presenting..  You can also choose a different  layout for your meeting if you wish.  To make it so others in the virtual  meeting cannot hear you speak,   mute your microphone. It is a good  idea in meetings with lots of attendees   to have people mute their microphones when they  aren’t speaking to cut down on background noise.   You can also turn off video, so  people can hear you but not see you.  For accessibility purposes, turn on captions.   Meet will then detect what each participant  is saying and provide text to support it.   This makes it easier for everyone  to follow along during the meeting.  To make the meeting agenda appear on participants’  screens, share your screen. While you're sharing,   your screen will be visible to all other  attendees. Open another tab in your browser,   navigate to Google Drive, and open the  meeting agenda you created previously.   Then, meeting attendees can follow along as you  progress through the agenda and type in notes.  To add notes to your meeting agenda while you  are sharing your screen, add a second page.   Title the new page “meeting notes.”   Then, type in notes about the meeting. Include  action items, decisions made, and steps to take.  If you gave meeting attendees  permission to edit your agenda document,   they can type in notes from their own computers.

You can stop presenting your screen at any time.  Now, It’s Your Turn: Click the link in Calendar to   join your meeting virtually. Adjust settings,  Present your screen. Open the meeting agenda in Drive to present.  Add a new page to take meeting notes. Exit the Google Meet call to end the meeting.


  1. Click the link in Calendar to join your meeting virtually.
  2. Adjust settings.
  3. Present your screen.
  4. Open the meeting agenda in Drive to present.
  5. Add a new page to take meeting notes.
  6. Exit the Google Meet call to end the meeting.