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5. Activity Wrap-Up: Making Meetings More Efficient

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In this activity you: Created a meeting agenda   in Google Docs and shared it with attendees. Scheduled a virtual meeting using Google Calendar,  Joined a virtual meeting using Google Meet,  And added meeting notes to share with  attendees as you presented your screen.

Planning, facilitating, and  participating in meetings is   a crucial part of workplace communications.  The most effective meetings are ones where Attendees know what to expect,  Information is shared clearly, Decisions are made, and  Attendees walk away with a list of action items  with concrete time frames and responsibilities.

Digital applications like the ones you used in  this activity can help you achieve those goals,   and the communication skills you used are  valuable in any job or personal pursuit.  You might: Gather a group   of employees to brainstorm ways to solve a problem  Meet with new hires to go  over policies and procedures  Meet with coaches, board members, and  parents about a fundraiser for a team or club Creating materials and facilitating using  digital tools makes meetings more accessible   and collaborative. Questions can be answered,  decisions made, and action items assigned   using free tools that meeting attendees can  access and use from any computer or device.   Digital communications help information  flow more smoothly at any job.  Now It’s Your Turn: Click the next arrow to   move on to the next activity, or select  an activity from the curriculum menu.


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