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1. Communicate Effectively at Work Wrap-Up

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When communication flows smoothly, it helps everyone to work efficiently towards common goals.

Whether you are communicating small details or brainstorming big ideas, it’s critical that information is conveyed in ways that everyone on the job can access, participate in, and understand.

In this unit, you used digital tools to communicate several types of important work-related information You created and shared a meeting agenda in Google Docs, then facilitated an online meeting in Google Hangouts and took notes in a document.

You gathered feedback to help make informed work decisions using Google Forms, then viewed responses in a spreadsheet.

You digitally collaborated with a partner to write a proposal in a document, so you could get support and approval for an idea.

You made a presentation in Google Slides that communicates something about your work to an audience.

The skills you learned in this unit are useful in many types of workplace communication.

You could make and share a document to brainstorm ideas with a group about workplace improvements, then host an online meeting to choose the best ideas.

You could use a digital form to schedule shift changes and vacation time.

A slides presentation might help you communicate status and schedule updates for a project.

Collaborating and communicating using digital tools like the ones in this unit help you facilitate more effective workplace communication.

Certificate of Completion

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Certificate of Completion

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