6. Use Documents to Collaborate and Communicate

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In this activity, you worked with a partner to create a digital document that shared important details about an idea.

A proposal like the one you made can help you get support, resources, and approval for projects at work.

You and your partner worked on your proposal together from your own computers, and you used comments and suggestions to communicate changes that needed to be made to the document.

This kind of online collaboration helps people communicate more effectively, even when they are working far away from each other.

You could use a document like the one you created in this activity to: Share information about hiring for a new position, Announce a new product or service, or Write instructions for a trainee.

Collaborating in Google Docs allows you to share information with a group of people.

You might share a digital document with supervisors, coworkers, customers, or business partners, so everyone can view the information and even add their own comments and suggestions.

Since changes are automatically saved and everyone can see them onscreen, all collaborators have access to the information they need.