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Now that you’ve added questions, and adjusted the look of your form, you’re ready to send it!

In this video, you will share your survey with others, so you can get feedback and information you can use to inform your decisions.

This turns the form you created into a useful communications tool.

If you are doing this unit in a class, share your form with a group of classmates.

Your classmates can also share their forms with you.

Or, share your form with friends, family members, or coworkers.

To share your form with others, you need their email addresses.

Send your form to a respondent by typing their email address in the box.

Describe the purpose of the survey.

This will help people know what your survey is about and prepare for what you will ask You can choose to keep your survey responses anonymous...

...Or, choose to see who responds.

If you select this option, your respondents will be alerted that their email will be associated with their answers.

To include a link to your survey in a presentation, on a website, or in a document, select the link rather than sharing it by email.

Copy the link, then paste it into its final location.

You can also share your survey on social media.

When you are ready to share your survey, click “send.”

Any email addresses you entered will receive an email alerting them of your message.

View responses to your form in the responses tab.

To receive an email each time someone completes your form, select “get email notifications for new responses.”

Once you’ve sent your form, check your email to see if you received a form from a classmate or respondent.

If you did, open and complete it.

Once you’ve taken surveys, and received responses on your own, move on to the next video to look at the results.

Now, it’s your turn: Add a description of your form.

Enter email addresses.

Get a link to paste into a document or presentation.

Send your survey.

Check your email for surveys sent to you, and complete them.


  1. Add a description of your form.
  2. Enter email addresses, or
  3. Get a link to paste into a document or presentation.
  4. Send your survey.
  5. Check your email for surveys sent to you, and complete them.