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In the previous videos, you created a survey to get feedback on an important workplace issue, then sent it out to get responses.

In this video, you will view your responses and organize data in a spreadsheet, so you can review your survey feedback.

This information gathering and analysis helps you base work decisions on accurate information, and it ensures that the changes you make and steps you take meet everyone’s needs.

In this video, you’ll review responses in Google Forms, export the data to a spreadsheet, and reopen the form from Google Drive to check the data later.

You can view responses to your survey in the responses tab.

View responses as a summary, or by individual email address if you specified that emails should be collected.

To view and work with survey responses in different ways, export them to a spreadsheet.

Each row represents one person’s response, and each column is a question.

As people fill out your survey, the data will automatically be added to your spreadsheet.

Then, you can sort, filter, and easily find data depending on what you need.

This will help you gather and analyze the information you need to make good decisions.

Return to your spreadsheet or form at any time using Google Drive.

Now it’s your turn: View survey responses.

Export survey responses to Google Sheets.

View responses in your spreadsheet.

Locate your form and your spreadsheet in Google Drive.


  1. View survey responses.
  2. Export survey responses to Google Sheets.
  3. View responses in spreadsheet.
  4. Locate your form and your spreadsheet in Google Drive.