6. Activity Wrap-Up: Gather Feedback to Make Informed Decisions

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Congratulations on creating and sending a survey in Google Forms to gather important information you need to do a job well.

In this Activity, you: Created a survey using Google Forms to collect feedback for a specific purpose.

Asked questions about a process, service, or product.

Added visual interest to your form so it would capture respondents’ attention.

Sent your survey to classmates or others, so you could collect responses.

Viewed responses to your form, And put them in a spreadsheet, so you could organize the data in useful ways.

You might use a digital form to: Take orders for a home business Collect personal information for a class or club trip Do research for a school assignment...

...or gather guest preferences for an event.

Creating and sending a digital form is a way to gather information and opinions from a large group of people quickly and easily.

By asking everyone the same questions, you get specific information that lets you know what customers, coworkers, or others you communicate with think and need.

Instead of meeting with respondents face to face or calling people one at a time to ask questions, you get as many answers as you need by sending out a single customizable form as many times as you like.

In the next activity, you will continue to practice communicating with digital tools by collaborating to create a project proposal.