2. Update Information

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In this video, you will read through your existing resume and update your personal details, work experience, and education.

It’s important that all the information in your resume is up to date, so that an employer will see all of your experience.

First, read through your resume.

Every resume contains sections for your contact information...

work experience...

and education.

You also may have other sections, like “Skills,” “Awards,” or “Projects.”

If your resume does not have an "Experience" section and an "Education" section, add them now.

Check that your contact information is accurate and complete.

An employer or other decision-maker will need this information to contact you for an interview.

Then, review your work experience section.

You don't have to list all of the jobs you've ever had, but include your current or most recent job.

Next, review the descriptions for each position.

The descriptions include a brief summary of your responsibilities in the role and highlight skills that will appeal to an employer.

For example, if you're applying for a retail manager job and have worked in the retail field before, highlight skills like customer service, helping other employees, or managing inventory.

If you’ve had several jobs that required similar skills, combine or delete the oldest ones to avoid repetition and save space.

Resumes are only 1 page, and every word counts.

If you’ve developed skills in unpaid positions that would appeal to an employer, include those as well.

For example, you may have gained management or customer service skills through volunteer work.

Once you have edited your work experience, update the Education section.

List any degrees or diplomas you have earned or are working on, with the highest degree first.

Include the name and location of the school, and the dates you attended the school.

Now that you have updated your contact information, work history, and education to reflect your most recent experience, move on to the next video to add action words to your resume.


  1. Read through your resume.
  2. Update your personal information, work experience, and education.