4. Add Specific Examples to Job Descriptions

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Another way to strengthen your resume and stand out during the job application process is by including specific examples of your accomplishments.

Specific examples show an employer that you are capable of doing a task well and that you will be able to handle similar responsibilities in your new job.

They also give detailed evidence of your particular strengths.

For example, you could say that you “sold more items than your sales target.”

This shows an employer that you did well.

However, if you say you “sold TWICE as many items as your target,” this shows an employer exactly how well you did.

In this video, you will add specific examples to the descriptions of your work experience.

You will give evidence of your value by using numbers or percentages.

You may not know numbers like this right away.

That's okay.

Leave comments in your resume to identify where you could add these details.

Comments serve as useful reminders or helpful notes.

Later, you can look up the information and add it to your resume.

To start, find an example from your work experience that could be improved with specific numbers.

Then, make a comment.

Select text in the document...

And insert a comment.

Type in a reminder or suggest examples that you could include.

Specific examples can be about different kinds of accomplishments, from larger responsibilities -- like hitting monthly sales targets -- to the details of daily operations.

If an example highlights an accomplishment or skill that is relevant to the job you want, add it.

Make at least 3 comments about specific examples to add to your resume.

Then review your comments.

Add specific numbers or percentages to your descriptions.

When you’re finished with a comment, resolve it.

It will no longer be visible in your document.

If you cannot resolve a comment now or need to do more research leave the comment in the document.

You can always return to it later.

Editing is a process that takes time, and this version of your resume is not your final draft.

Move on to the next video to wrap up the lesson.


  1. Make at least three comments about specific examples you want to add to your resume.
  2. Resolve your comments or leave them for a future edit.