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In the last video, you logged in to your Google account and navigated to Google Docs.

In this video, you will create a new document in Google Docs and give it a name.

Your documents are stored in Google Drive, which is an online filing and storage system.

Your Google Drive is associated with your Google account, and only you can see it. It is like your own personal filing cabinet!

Naming a document makes it easier to find in Drive, especially if you have other documents and items stored there.

Giving your document a name also helps others understand what they are looking at if you share the document.

To start, click on the browser tab where you opened Google Docs.

If you closed the tab, open a new tab in your browser and navigate to Google Docs.

Keep this video open in a separate tab, so you can switch between your document and this video.

Then, start a new, blank document.

To name the document, click on the document title.

Then, name the document something that briefly describes what the content is about.

That way, it will be easy to find later.

Move on to the next video to begin thinking of activities you might like to do.


  1. Create a new blank document in Google Docs.
  2. Give the document a name.