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You now have a digital document that lists activities you might do with a friend.

You formatted your document so it’s easy to read.

In this video, you will add your own thoughts and additional information to the document.

To do this, add comments.

Comments in Google Docs allow you to leave reminders for yourself or add items you would like someone to notice and respond to when they look at your document.

Comments stand out from the text of the document, so they are easy to see, even without reading the entire document.

To start, highlight the text in your document where you would like to add a comment.

Then, from the insert menu, choose comment.

Click in the comment to type.

When you finish typing, enter the comment in the document.

To remove a comment, delete it.

Or, resolve the comment once you have answered the question or no longer need the reminder.

Resolving a comment removes it, but Google Docs keeps a record of it.

You can view comments that have been resolved, as well as comments that are still in the document.

Google Docs also allows you to digitally share your document with other people.

Only people you share a document with can see it.

If you share a document, other people can also comment on it.

If you are doing this activity in a class, share your document with a classmate.

Or, share it with a friend.

To share, type in the person’s email address.

Add a short message.

Or, get a link to copy and paste into an email.

Once you share a document, the person you shared it with will find and open it from their email.

You will practice writing, sending, and using email in a later activity.

To manage how people use your document, set permissions.

Allow the person you share with to edit, or change, it directly...

add comments that you can reply to or resolve...

Or view the document without being able to change it.


  1. Add comments to your document as reminders, suggestions, or questions.
  2. Delete and resolve comments as needed.
  3. Digitally share your document with a classmate or friend.