5. Preview and Publish Your Site

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In this video, you will preview your  website and publish it to the internet.

You will then share the link to your  website with others in an email.

Previewing your website allows you to see  what it will look like when it is available on the internet, so you can make changes  before publishing it, if necessary.

To begin, preview your site.

Look over your site to make sure that  everything looks the way you want it to.

Check for spelling and grammatical errors, as  well as any missing or incorrect information.

When you are finished previewing  your site, exit preview mode.

And make any changes, if necessary.

Before you publish your site,  you might share it with a friend, classmate, or family member so that  they can review it and provide feedback.

If you give them permission to edit,  they can make changes to your website.

If you give them permission to view your published  site, they can view it but not change anything.

After you’ve made any final  changes to your website, you’re ready to publish it to the internet.

First, adjust your web address, if you would like.

Then publish your website.

Your website is now live!

Now anyone can find, see, and  interact with your website.

Now that your site is live, you  can still make changes to it, but you will need to republish the  website for the changes to appear online.

Finally, if you need to take down your  site for any reason, unpublish it.

This removes your website from the  internet, so no one can view it.

You can always publish it again later.

Share the link to your website with others, especially those who you think would be  interested in what your site is offering.

Email is a great way to get the word out  about your website to people you know.

First, copy the link for your site.

Then, open your Gmail account  and compose a new email.

Enter their email addresses  in the To field.

Add a subject line.

The subject line communicates the  main point or purpose of your message.

Begin your message with a greeting.

The greeting you choose should fit the person or people you are addressing  and can be formal or informal.

Type the body of your email.

Explain what your website is about.

Be polite, clear and concise.

Then, insert the link to your website.

Look over your email for any mistakes,  then send it when you’re ready.


  1. Preview your website and make any necessary changes.
  2. Publish your website.
  3. Send an email to share the website link with others.