Embed a Form into Your One-Page Website

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In this extension, you will  create a form using Google Forms and embed it into your one-page website.

A form can be a valuable tool and a great  source of information from your website’s users.

There are many kinds of forms you  could create for your one-page website.

For example, if you’re offering a service,  such as lawn care or cake decorating, people could fill out a form to  request an appointment or quote.

If you’ve organized an event, you could create  a survey form to ask participants afterwards what they liked and what could be improved  if the event is held again in the future.

The example in this lesson is a survey form  to ask participants for their opinions about an activity group, but your example can  be about anything that matters to you.

To begin, create a new Google Form and title it.

In the description, tell people what  the purpose of your form is about.

Now add a question to your form.

For example, if you’re  organizing an activity group, you might want to find out the types of  activities participants would like to do.

You can choose different types  of responses for your questions.

For example, you can select  multiple choice to provide limited, pre-written responses, short answer to  allow people to write their own responses, or checkboxes to select multiple responses.

Select a response type for your question.

If you’ve chosen multiple  choice, checkboxes, or dropdown, add  different response options.

Now add to your form so that it  contains at least 3 questions.

Open-ended questions can be the most  helpful way to receive feedback, since people can answer your questions in their  own words and even give you specific examples.

After you have added at least 3 questions to  your form, preview them to check for errors.

When you are satisfied with your form,  open your one-page website in editing mode.

Embed the form into your website.

And format it.

You can preview your website to see  how your form will look when it’s live.

After you republish your website, anyone with access to your site will then  be able to see and fill out the form.

You can view your responses  by going back into your form.

You can also enable the form to notify you  by email when you’ve received a response.

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