Change the Design of Your One-Page Website

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In this extension, you’ll experiment with  some of the design options in Google Sites.

The theme you chose gives your  one-page website a uniform design.

However, you can also adjust the  design of individual sections of your site to make your text and images stand out.

To begin, open your website in editing mode.

The theme you selected is already applied.

Your theme determines how your text  looks, as well as any accent colors.

First, change your theme to  give your site a different look.

Next, change your font.

Each theme provides 3 fonts to choose from.

Depending on your topic, you might choose a  font that’s modern or one that’s more classic.

Then, change your accent color.

Use the preset options, or choose your own color.

Your accent color controls the color of your  headings and extra features of your theme.

These changes can make a noticeable  difference to the look of your site.

Next, choose a section, and  change its background color.

Or, use images as a background.

This adds visual appeal to your one-page website.

Finally, preview your website to check  how everything looks on the new page.

Then republish your website  to make the changes go live.

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