Add an Additional Layout to Your One-Page Website

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Your one-page website may need to expand in the future as you continue  to update it with new content.

Adding additional layouts to your page keeps your site organized without having to  expand it beyond a single page.

In this extension, you’ll add at least one  additional layout to your one-page website and then add text and images to it.

To begin, open your website in editing mode.

Next, select a layout.

You can also add more than one  layout to a page if you wish.

Once you’ve added a layout, add text, keeping  your website’s purpose and audience in mind.

Now, add an image to your new layout.

You can upload images from your computer  or search for images on the internet.

Choose images that complement the text on  the page and support your website’s purpose.

Make sure any images you select  from the internet are free to use.

And if you upload personal images  that include any identifiable people, make sure you have their permission to  use their pictures on a public website.

Finally, preview your website to check  how everything looks on the new page.

Then, republish your website  to make the changes go live.

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