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3. Choose a Layout, Add Text, and Add a Footer

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In this video, you will choose a  layout and add text to your website.

Adding a layout to your website can help keep  your site neat, organized, and visually appealing.

This helps your website grab your  viewers’ attention and allows them to easily view the information  you want them to know about.

To begin, choose a layout for your website.

To help you choose an effective layout, think about the text and images  you’d like to display on your site.

Next, add text to your website.

You’ve already added a title  that describes the topic.

Now add other important information  about your topic to the page, like the purpose of your website.

Add details about your topic.

For example, to share information  about a group or event, you could include details such  as the time, date, and location.

Now, select fonts that make  important text stand out.

For example, headings and subheadings  will stand out more than normal text, while titles will be the most prominent.

Emphasize text to grab your viewer’s attention.

Now, add a textbox for your call to action.

Your call to action should be one or more  sentences urging your audience to take action.

When you write a call to action, you  should choose words that are strong, clear and concise, and create enthusiasm  or motivation to do something.

Let your audience know exactly  what you want them to do.

Format the text so that it grabs  the attention of your audience.

Your call to action should be  located in a visible area of your website so your viewers  will see it and act on it.

You can easily move text boxes, layouts, and other objects around to place  them exactly where you would like.

Now, add a footer with your contact information.

This is especially important if your call  to action urges people to contact you, like to sign up to volunteer  for a community project, or to make an appointment for a service you  are offering, like lawn care or pet sitting.

Be mindful of the types of contact  information you share on your website, however, since your site will be  available to anyone on the internet.

Do not include information like your  personal phone number and address.

Insert a link to your email address.

When the user clicks it, it will  allow them to send you an email.

Choose a text style to make your  contact information stand out and easy for your viewers to find.


  1. Choose a layout.
  2. Add relevant details and information.
  3. Add an engaging call-to- action.
  4. Add a footer with your contact information.