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2. Add a Theme and Header

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In this video, you will select a theme and choose a header type for your one-page website.

To begin, select a theme for your website.

A theme is a set of colors, text styles, and other design elements.

Different themes fit different types of content.

If the purpose of your website is to share information about a problem in your community that you’d like people to join you in helping to solve, then you might choose a theme that looks professional or serious.

If you are trying to encourage people to attend a fun event you’ve planned, you might choose a theme that is more playful.

Select a theme that you think fits your website’s purpose and audience.

After you’ve chosen a theme, you can adjust the colors and font style for your theme as you like.

Now, select a header for your website.

A header appears at the top of the page and can help draw attention and increase visual interest.

Choose the header type that best suits your message and content.

If you will be adding a lot of content, apply a type that takes up less header space so the focus is on the content more than the header.

If you choose a header type that allows an image to be added to the background, choose an image that represents your topic and supports your website’s purpose.

You can select an image from the gallery, upload one from your computer, or search the Internet for an image.

If you choose an image from the internet, make sure you have the right to use it.


  1. Select a theme for your website.
  2. Adjust the theme’s accent color and font style.
  3. Select a header type.
  4. Add an image to your header, if necessary.